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NieuwsCall for Submissions to the International Cartographic Exhibition, 2017

Call for Submissions to the International Cartographic Exhibition, 2017

Donderdag 8 december 2016Afbeelding Call for Submissions to the International Cartographic Exhibition, 2017

Call for Submissions to the International Cartographic Exhibition, 2017

On behalf of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society and the International Cartographic Association, we are pleased to invite you to participate in the International Cartographic Exhibition at ICC 2017. The Exhibition will be held July 3–6, 2017 at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park, as part of the program and festivities of ICC 2017.

Please designate a representative to be the official contact person for all correspondence related to the Exhibition. The responsibilities of this representative will be to solicit and collect entry information for all exhibition items, in the manner of their choosing, and in accordance with the procedures outlined in our online Guide for Participation.

The representative will then reserve space for these items by completing the General Information Form and returning it to Tabitha Kasik at She will respond with the link to an online submission form where the representative can upload information for individual entries.

The representative will then upload final PDF’s at a later date, attend the conference as a registered attendee, and preferably also carry the cartographic materials to Washington, DC. The representative may or may not be the same person as the National Coordinator or Affiliate Coordinator. Upon arrival in DC, this representative will cooperate with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) to ensure correct installation and exhibition of the materials, and be available to answer queries from Exhibition visitors.

We are excited to note several changes to the 2017 Exhibition:

1. To welcome wider participation from the chart community at the Exhibition and the conference itself, we have broadened the Exhibition categories to include a special category for Charts on Panels.

2. To devote greater attention to the ever-expanding field of digital products, we will feature a special area where conference attendees will be able to watch video overviews of each digital cartographic entry at a tablet kiosk or by following an QR code on their smartphone.

3. All Exhibition entries will be searchable and viewable in the digital Exhibition catalogue as part of the E-Poster Gallery in our secure conference app, and available online to registered attendees approximately two weeks before the conference. As a result, Exhibitors will submit final PDF’s of all entries prior to the conference.

An overview of the dates for submitting entries to the Exhibition is as follows:

1 Dec, 2016 – 1 March, 2017: Online submission interface is open. Representatives submit their General Information form and then upload descriptive information for each entry. Once submitted, representatives will receive confirmations for each entry received. 

Mid-March, 2017 – 16 May, 2017: Second submission interface is open. Representatives will be invited to upload PDF’s for all entry items. For digital cartographic entries, a URL link and a tabloid poster (preferably with QR code) will also be required for each item.

Mid-June, 2017: Digital exhibition catalogue will be available online to registered attendees as part of the E-Poster gallery in our secure conference app.

Final notes

Please review the full details in the online Guide for Participation, where it is also downloadable as a PDF. For your convenience, we have also attached a copy of the PDF Guide to this email.

For questions about the Exhibition, please contact us any time at

Thank you and hope to see you in DC in 2017!