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NieuwsOverzicht afstudeerders 2021

Overzicht afstudeerders 2021

Dinsdag 29 maart 2022

Met trots presenteren we het overzicht van de in 2021 afgestudeerde masterstudenten en hun afstudeeronderwerpen. Zij zijn bij hun onderzoeken begeleid door een van onze docenten.

  • Marc Baauw – Maintaining an up to date digital twin by direct use of point cloud data
  • Yılmaz Bahadır Tüzgel – An SDI assessment framework for emergency response data provision readiness
  • Frida Boone – Third wave open data in the Netherlands: Identifying and overcoming the barriers towards open geographical data of public undertakings
  • Marjan Broekhuizen – BIM/IFC-files as input for 3D Land Administration Systems
  • Chia-Yun Chang – Identify and visualize Dutch inland waterways vessel movement anomalies during low water levels
  • Charlie Groenewegen – GIS-based site suitability analysis for solar and wind to hydrogen potential in Europe and Mediterranean region in 2030 and 2040, Sustainable Energy Technology
  • Abhishek Holla – Digital Solutions for a Circular Façade Economy – A conceptual framework of a Façade’s Product Passport to facilitate decision making at its End of Service (EoS), Building Technology
  • Luka van der Klaauw – Introducing 3D representations as an advanced method for the case of the Hot-Warm- Cold zone model
  • Maaike Kuiper – The impact of safety on cycling route choice
  • Luc van der Lecq – Mapping Maritime Risk in the Kattegat Using the Automatic Identification System
  • Daan Molleman – Who can command the Random Forest and make the trees pull Data out of the earth? – Predicting soil types through Random Forest machine learning using open-source data
  • Bram Pijnenburg – Assessment of heating energy use at postal code level 6: influence of the local climate
  • Ynke Schreijer – Visual insight into the temporal changes of sand patterns along the Dutch coast
  • Jimme Smit – Cycling Behaviours: Minimising Travel Distance, Minimising Travel Time and Continuous Cycling
  • Stijn Ticheloven – The added value of direct point cloud analysis in hydrology: A new method to derive streams from LiDAR data
  • Harmke Vliek – Cyclists’ route choice: analysing the greenness of the built and rural environment
  • Nienke Vogelzang – Improvement of Land Subsidence Communication through Point Cloud Visualizations

Abhishek Holla won met zijn rapport de Circularity in the Built Environment Graduation Award 2021 (categorie Materials and Components), een afstudeerprijs georganiseerd door de Faculteit Bouwkunde.

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